Tracking Results of Prayers

It is important to track our progress in prayer in order to determine if we are bearing fruit.  Choosing specific things to pray about or having “prayer projects” will help you stay focused and also help you keep track of outcomes.  While it’s true that the results of some prayers will be seen over the course of a lifetime, or even beyond our lifetime, more often than not we are able to change things in our present reality if we use our authority we have through Jesus Christ.

Having a recorded history of successfully completed prayer projects will help grow your faith, and keep you motivated while interceding for new projects.  

Think of needs in your family, your community, and things that you would like to see change in your immediate environment and region.  Find a journal, record the date and name of the project you are praying about.  Each day during your personal prayer time with God, call out this project and make biblical (bible-based) decrees concerning it.   

Specificity and Consistency are key when it comes to prayer projects.  If you want to see change in those areas-call out specifics concerning the details of your projects.  For instance, if you want to see more opportunities for youth in your town or city ask God to give governing officials, community leaders, and citizens a heart for youth so that more programs will be available to prepare them for college, the workforce, the military, or for entrepreneurship.  Decree resources come forth to birth out these programs before the end of the year.   Decree the specific types of resources you would like see manifest (financial, real-estate, technology, etc).  Decree the number of youth you would like to see enroll in this program and how many successfully complete the programs (which would be 100%).

If you are interceding for a prayer project that you are intending to birth out, decree the specifics you need and ask God for a revelation concerning strategy.  Some prayers God has already answered by revealing strategy to us to help bring a thing to pass, however we delay or decline to act on our revelation.  Ask Him to give you creative ideas and witty inventions concerning your project if you are interceding for a personal project.  

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