Lust is never satisfied. It grows stronger and stronger the more you give in and demands more and more from you each time. It drains your time, money, energy, and other resources. It repels the blessings, favor, and opportunities God is trying to bring to you.

Lust (or Whordoms) is a demonic strongman, that needs to be bound.  Under this strongman are the symptoms of pornography, fornication, prostitution, adultery, chronic dissatisfaction, excessive appetite, love of money, seekers of power, filthy mind, incest, child abuse, etc. However lust is only a symptom. We must discover the root cause of our ungodly appetites.

Lust is an enticer. It’s never enough, and never seems like too much-until it’s too late. You have to kill it-before it kills you; and robs you of your destined place in God (not only in the afterlife, but also in the present). There is no other way. Grace may keep you for a season, however sin has to be judged by God, otherwise He wouldn’t be a righteous God. And God is perfect and cannot change in essence. He remains the same.

God cannot judge sin without including the sinner. A product cannot be judged or evaluated without the acknowledgment of the producer. The product is simply an extension of the producer. A murder is the product of the murderer. If one commits a sin, they are choosing to take accountability for that sin because it is their creation and an extension of what’s in their heart. While it’s true that God can forgive our sin, He gives us space to repent (which means to turn away), but one should not have a false sense of security residing in that space.

Many Christians focus on the afterlife when it comes to the concept of righteous judgement. However, judgement is a very present reality. We are awarded according to our actions daily. For instance, when we are obedient to God He rewards us with peace, righteousness, and joy (Romans 14:17).  When we are disobedient we are also rewarded according to our disobedience.  Both are a type of  judgement.

When remaining in sin the ultimate reward is death. First is the spiritual death (or backsliding), then the physical death (separation of the soul from the body), and finally the death which is the permanent separation from God (also known as Hell).

Spiritual death refers to the “backslidden” state. It is the deterioration of your inner spirit. Lust deceives us into thinking that we are “satisfied” without God, and therefore we lose our appetite for Him. Without the living and active Word of God in our lives, we have no defenses against the enemy.
Physical death is the deterioration of your natural body. Without the living and active Word of God in your life, you will begin to die physically in an accelerated pace. Sickness may grip you and spread throughout your body, you may be accident prone,  or you may be losing sleep and developing poor eating habits. The effects of your lust will begin to wear your body down. Because lust is so demanding, it is also time-consuming and not only separates you from God but from healthy human relationships which are also important to our mental health. God created us to be communal beings.
Similar to how everything happens in the spiritual realm first, the same can be said for our souls when it comes to our outer physical bodies. The state of your soul will eventually show up in your physical body: whether it’s tears, depression, stress, sickness, etc. These are simply symptoms, not the disease. That’s why the Apostle Paul states in 3 John 2, “Beloved, I wish above all things that you are prosperous and in health, even as your soul prospers”. Our souls and our health are connected.
Do not invite lust in and flee from it when it presents itself (Ephesians 4:27,2 Timothy 2:22-24).  Cast down every foul thought and vain imagination, and don’t give the devil an open door (2 Corinthians 10:5).