Available Curriculums

Creating Your Legacy in Christ: Having An Impact On Generations to Come (10.5 hour course)

FREE Presentation and Ebook available for download.  

Both files are needed for the course.  If you prefer to access the files by using your Google Drive account, you may click on the images directly.  If you prefer to manually download the files, the links are below.  (The number of downloads next to each file is for our records to track how many people have downloaded the files and does NOT indicate the number of files that you must download.) There are 2 files to download for this training curriculum, BOTH are needed for lesson comprehension:

Creating-Your-Legacy-in-Christ-Curriculum-Presentation.pptx (11 downloads)


Creating-Your-Legacy-in-Christ-Curriculum-Lesson-Plans-Ebook.pdf (8 downloads)

Spiritual Warfare: Contending for God-ordained Purpose, the Welfare of the Family, and the Souls of Nations (14 hour course) 

FREE Presentation and Ebook available for download.  

Spiritual-Warfare-Curriculum-Presentation-.pptx (50 downloads)


Spiritual-Warfare-Curriculum-Lesson-Plans_Ebook.pdf (56 downloads)


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