Activity Name:  Cross The Jordan

Setting: Indoor or Outdoor

Number of Players: 10-50

Number of Facilitators: 1

Bible Reference: Matthew 3:5–6; Mark 1:5; Luke 3:3; John 1:28, Matthew 19:1; Mark 10:1, Matthew 4:25; & Mark 3:7–8.

How to Play:  Participants should form 2 parallel lines facing each other, with an equal number of participants in each line.  There should be at least 30 feet of space between the lines (a larger amount of space in outdoor settings, in larger rooms, or for larger groups).  This space will be known as the “Jordan River”.

The facilitator should stand at a distance away from the lines, where they can still be seen and heard clearly.  Prior to the activity the facilitator will make up a list of varied “yes or no” statements about personal preferences, biblical trivia, and random facts.

If the person agrees with the statement they must “cross the Jordan” and move across into the other line.  Participants may choose to walk, run, jog, or skip to the other side.  The facilitator will judge if whether the environment is suitable for fast movements.  If you have participants of varying ages, they may choose to cross at their own pace.  The facilitator is not allowed to “answer” any questions for the participants until everyone who wishes to move has moved.  The next statement should not be made until everyone who desires to move has moved and the “Jordan” is clear again.

It is important to mix up the types of statements being said so that the activity remains interesting, exciting, and thought-provoking.  Statements should not be offensive and should be objective in nature.  This activity is to build community, promote fellowship, and create educational opportunities.  There are no winners or losers.  The facilitator should begin each statement with, “Cross the Jordan if…..”


Cross the Jordan, if………

  1. You first name starts with an “R”
  2. You have been to a foreign country
  3. You have graduated from college
  4. You are Saved
  5. Jonah is a Book in the Bible
  6. You have more than 1 sibling
  7. You like dogs
  8. Moses and Aaron were brothers
  9. Rome is the capital of France (This is actually Paris)
  10. Australia is a continent

Remember to also create some “tricky” questions to challenge participants.

Cross the Jordan, if….

  1. Elijah is a Book in the Bible (Not a book, actually a Character-which makes this statement “tricky”)
  2. Deuteronomy is in the New Testament (Actually in the Old Testament)
  3. You have a Birthday
  4. You were born before 2018
  5. Micah was an Apostle (Actually a Prophet)

The facilitator should make a list of at least 50 questions prior to the activity.