Edifying the Body of Christ by providing training resources, materials, and aids to perfect the Saints.

Contending for Your God-ordained Purpose, The Welfare of the Family, and the Souls of Nations

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We believe everyone has a sacrifice. A personal call to serve in a capacity that benefits a cause or purpose greater than oneself. A call that has been ordained over our lives before we were ever conceived in our mother’s womb or since the beginning of time. Once that sacrifice is realized, we can no longer remain living in an ambiguous state; everything becomes illuminated. This cause prompts us to reevaluate our existence, thoughts and motives.

We are called to a total dependence on God without reliance on this world system and values. Our charge is to live in the world and not be of it. In the absence of human ambition, our constant struggle is to remain set apart. To deny the self and to rest in salvation. To remain steadfast in faith without ceasing. To suffer as Christ did, and to know the true cost of the cause.

We dedicate our time, gifts, and resources to mentor and empower other churches, nationally and internationally, with a focus on leaders in the gospel, in order to strengthen the body of Christ as a whole. We have partnered with churches and ministries by providing socially and generationally relevant training to church leaders who oversee established  and growing congregations. Our areas of focus are as follows:

  •  Establish and duplicate a ministry sustainability model which incorporates best practices training to reach the masses with technologically relevant, socially responsible, vision-based, organizational goals and objectives.
  • Address common reasons why churches and congregations don’t succeed in their efforts to grow and expand spiritually and as an organization, structurally.
  • Provide tangible resources to aid in the active ministry of the congregation as well as the local community. To make these resources more accessible in areas where access to resources may be limited.
  • Boost morale and enthusiasm for leaders who may be prone to burnout due to lack of adequate support, planned strategy, and organizational structure.
  • Increase exposure to the faith in operation in other communities, cultures, and nations.  To showcase the diversified expression of God’s love and His love for us.

We will not be complacent about the injustices of the world, for we know that dominion is ours for the taking. Christ will be our advocate as we further the gospel to the ends of the earth. In Christ we are affirmed, and In Christ we go forth.